18007892228 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 2017 Telzio™ and Tapeacall™
William Sarradet
Virtual Conference 2017
Telzio™ and Tapeacall™

society of something is a liquid organization of speculation, an informal initiative to analyze critical and rhetorical works. This study is intended to develop a broad knowledge base for participants interested in theory outside traditional disciplinary boundaries. Operating with this in mind, William Sarradet, in association with the society of something, presents a conference existing non-geographically within the noosphere, by way of telecommunications application Telzio.

Panels Include

(Press 1) A case for hydrological policy in the public interest: Peter Fend

(Press 2) Materials for a truculent future: Morehshin Allahyhari and Sam Robinson with Patrick Romeo

(Press 3) Deregulation of finance as a singularity: Carolyn Sortor and Marcos Yturri